AlMn80-90 master alloys

  • We offer technologies & equipment for production of new high concentrated master alloys AlMn80 splatters and AlMn90 splatters, which possess the following unique qualities compare to compacts (confirmed by industrial tests at numerous Aluminium plants):
    • Mn concentration higher
    • Better quality of as-cast product
    • Dissolution time no higher
    • Higher recovery rate
    • Dross formation decrease
    • Ease of use and storage
    • More environmentally friendly
  • We offer a technology for aluminothermic production of Mn directly from Mn ore, which is a raw material for AlMn80 splatters and AlMn90 splatters production.
  • If both know-hows are combined, then unique product, superior to compacts in terms of all characteristics, including price aspect becomes available..

Dross formation comparison.

Mn Alloying tests made in 65mt Electric Holding Furnace, prior to casting of rolling slabs in 3000 alloy series.




More than 2x better results


Tabletand Splatters comparison

Mn Alloying tests in made in 46mt Channel induction melting furnace. Alloy type modified AA3003+Zn.

Conclusions for Additives of AlMn80 for Mini-tablets vs Splatters

Manganese additive supplier Mini-tablets Splatters
Melt cycle time Normal Normal
Additive dissolution time Sufficient Sufficient
Yield of additives Near 100% Near 100%
Clogging of inductor channels None None
Formation of dross Normal Reduced 25%
EHS aspects: dust for workers when handling bags Some Some