Aluminium dross processing

Aluminium dross processing developed by Metallurg Engineering

New proposed cost-effective and energy efficient recovery method of metallic aluminium from aluminium dross with metallic aluminium content at least 15 wt% uses electro slag melting furnace method with non-consumable electrode.

    The new processing technology has the advantages:

  • High recovery rate – 99%
  • The generated secondary dross (mixture of cryolite and aluminium oxide) can be used in electrolysis as a raw-material for production of primary aluminium. This significantly reduces the environmental pollution and improves costeffectiveness of the dross processing due to the almost waste-free processing. Also, a disposal of secondary dross (salt cake) is eliminated, what is very important.


Al dross processing

FP7 funded project

Development of new technology for aluminium dross complete recovery

Funded under 7th FWP (Seventh Framework Programme)

Research area: SME-2011-1 Research for SMEs


Project description

The aim of the Alucyc project is to develop a new process to recover metallic aluminium from aluminium dross. Comparing with available state-of-the art technologies, the yield of metallic aluminium will be increased from 95% to 99% using the new technology developed in Alucyc. Alucyc technology is waste-free. Cryolite and the remaining aluminium oxide could be used in production of primary aluminium.

Project: ALUCYC
Project Reference: 286676
Start Date: 2011-12-01
Duration: 24 months
Project Cost: 1.36 million euro
End Date: 2013-11-30
Project Funding: 1.06 million euro